Friday, May 28, 2010

FAUX POSTAGE SCIENCE FICTION STAMPS/ lunar liberty 22 asteris/ REPUBLIC OF THE MOON/ a tableau of the loonese script

Lunar Liberty
Republic of the Moon
by Eric Whollem
Edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
Copyright by the artist

The Digital Script of the Loonese

Notes from the text of Quantus Qwo's Treatise on Lunar Civilization

It was the noble Cudley, first postmaster general of the Republic of the
Moon, who developed the digital alphabet depicted on this 22 Asteri
stamp. He allegedly developed the alphabet utilizing an antique DOS
system word  processor that was brought to the moon as scrap metal
in the twenty second century.

The word processor is believed to be from the decade of the 1980's.
The curious enormous pixels found in this device's system have since
become standardized in Loonese writings rendered in the sacred
alphabet developed by Cudley.

Artist stamps, artistamps, cinderella stamps, fantasy stamps, faux postage, mail art, digital art,
micronation stamps by Eric Whollem

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