Thursday, May 27, 2010

FAUX POSTAGE SCIENCE FICTION STAMPS/ the republic of the moon/ MERMAIDS OF THE MOON/ a protocommemorative fantasy stamp

Mermaids of the Moon
by Eric Whollem
Post Offices of the Republic of the Moon
edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
Copyright by the artist. 

The Cudley Crater Lunar Sea Project

An article submitted by Quantus Qwo
Postmaster General
of The Republic of the Moon

This stamp (being from the future) is not so much a
commemorative stamp as a protocommemorative, perhaps
a new genre to many. It will be issued to celebrate the Republic of
the Moon's return of the seas of the lunar surface into viable 
salt water basins. The Loonese are a very positive people and
believe that protocommemoration is the best means of getting
public works projects completed.

The Lunar Postal Museum

This all may seem a tad far-fetched to earthlings of
the twenty-first century. But to the Loonese of the
future, protocommemoration of the resalinized
craters of the Moon Park, is a philatelic manifest
destiny, as the Republic of the Moon is not a democracy
so much as a philatelic dynasty, of which they are
most proud.

The hallmark of Loonese culture is their dedication
to the preservation of philatelic artifacts from the earth,
which now are kept in the Lunar Postal Museum in Moonton.

                                                        Quantus Qwo
                                                        Postmaster General of the Moon

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