Thursday, April 22, 2010

SHASTA HOMEOPATHIC/ mixed media: bronze paint, acrylics, and pumice from Mt. Shasta in polymer emulsion/ ALCHEMICAL TRANSMUTATION

                                       Shasta Homeopathic
                                        by Eric Whollem
                                        mixed media on paper
                                        Collection of the artist
                                        4 3/16" x 3 3/4"
                                                                 Copyright by the artist

Transmuting Emotive Energy Through Art

This painting utilizes earth paints made from volcanic
pumice from Mt. Shasta in conjunction with a variety of
other paints. In this work I attempted to reengergize my
art with earth from a sacred place. The pigment used here
was gathered on the McCloud side of the mountain.

The Navajos and Hopis for centuries have utilized sand
and earth paints, or paints of corn and tobacco, for healing
purposes. This is part of their shamanic traditions. Many
sand paintings have included corn meal paints.

This painting could be described as an alchemical work.
Alchemists studied much more than minerals and chemicals;
they were students of plant medicines as well. They were
the equivalent of Indian shamans in their spiritual quest.

Abstract art, mixed media painting, Indians, shamanism, Mt. Shasta, earth paints

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