Thursday, April 22, 2010

MAGIC BIRD ROCK/ a drawing inspired by the avian sanctuary near Tule Lake, not far from the Petroglyph Section north of the Modoc Lava Beds in Northern California


     Magic Bird Rock
      by Eric Whollem
      India ink on paper
      Collection of the artist

             Copyright by the artist

The Birds of the Petroglyph Section

Tule Lake used to be much larger than it is today.
Thousands of years ago many of the rock promontories
in the desert north of the Modoc Lava Beds were islands
in the lake.

The Indians used to row their reed boats out to the rocks
to create their murals of petroglyphs and pictographs
above the line of the water.

See my image entitled "The Alchemy of Inner Earth"
in the column to the left on this blog. This work
recreates in modern terms some of the motifs found
in the Petroglyph Section.

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