Friday, March 12, 2010

THE WATERS OF MAKARA/ a mixed media abstraction featuring the King of Sea Serpents in Kundalini Yoga

     The Waters of Makara
     by Eric Whollem
     India ink, gouache and wax resist on paper
     Collection of the artist.
     9" x 6"
       Copyright by the artist.

Makara King of Sea Serpents

Makara is the designation of the King of Sea Serpents in
Buddhism and Hinduism. He is also referred to as the Sea King. 

In Kundalini Yoga, Makara is the personification of the
energies of Svadisthana, the second chakra. When
the Kundalini reaches the third eye, Makara changes into
Bindu, a point of radiant light, according to Arthur Avalon
in this book, The Serpent Fire.

          MIXED MEDIA PAINTINGS by Eric Whollem

Abstract art, mixed media painting, meditation, metaphysical art.

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