Sunday, March 14, 2010

KRATER OF THE WHALE WOMEN/ an allegory of the sea/ digital art



               Krater of the Whale Women
               by Eric Whollem
               mixed media digital art
                  Copyright by the artist.

Homage to the Whale

This image was created to honor the sea life of our
planet. The whales, sensitive and intelligent, have been
given a very poor treatment by humankind.

Not only must we help protect our animal co-inhabitants
of our globe, but we must all do our part to see that
everyone on earth, including animals, have clean water
to drink or live in, as the case may be.


This image is destined to be issued on the faux postage
stamps of Cantharidia.

Cantharidia is not a completely new idea for a micronation,
as I used the term back in 1972, for my painting, Madge
Plants a Tree in Cantharidia.

Cantharidia is also featured in my as yet unpublished
novel, Rainbeeltle. I have worked on this book, off and
on since 1973, having gone through major rewriting. It
has been a labor of love. The cantharidae are an order
of beetlefolk.

Abstract art, clean water for the planet.

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