Friday, March 5, 2010

THE CAPTAINS OF KALKI/ a cinderella stamp featuring the legend of a Buddhist savior

Shambhala Nor Postal Service

"The Captains of Kalki"
by Eric Whollem
Edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs.
88 x 58 mm.
Copyright by the artist.

The Legend of Kalki

Tibetan legend has it that in the last days a leader
called Kalki shall rise to restore the lands of the
Buddhists. He is usually depicted on horseback.
In the Kalachakra tradtions it is related that no
less than twenty five kings of Shambhala have
been named Kalki.

by Eric Whollem
Kalki is also featured in Hindu lore as the last
incarnation of Vishnu. The Kalki Purana relates
details of his exploits to be.

Faux Postage From Shambhala Nor

These fantasy stamps from Shambhala Nor show
two riders on distinctly small Himalayan ponies.
These actually were originally ceramic sculptures
that I created in the 1990's.

The back ground of this stamp was designed on
an antique 1980's word processor, using the
Print Master program available in those days.
I printed on colored paper stock then reassembled
the design with collage technique.

This stamp has a nice feeling of spatial depth. The
blue center receeds, giving the viewer the feel that
he is looking into a pool of water. These are the
waters of Shambhala Nor, the mystic city of the
Lake of the North. Nor means lake in Mongolian.


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