Monday, March 15, 2010

BIRD PERSON/ art of the Mother Goddess

                                                     Bird Person
                                                     by Eric Whollem
                                                     digital art
                                                        Copyright by the artist

Bird Woman

Bird Woman is the name of the archetypical
shamaness. She became very popular in the new
feminist consciousness, especially after the publication
of the novel, Clan of Cave Bear.

In this book a male sculptor creates a Bird Woman
sculpture. This shows that men, as well as women, are
devoted to the Goddess principle.

I wrote my first poem about a Goddess back in 1969.
In subsequent years I have depicted numerous versions
of Goddess iconography, especially in my ceramic
sculptures. Marija Gimbutas's works have been a
guide and source of inspiration.

This is a drawing executed in India ink with reed pen on paper.
The original was done in 1992; I enhanced it on the computer in

Abstract art, digital art, goddess, Bird Woman.

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