Thursday, February 4, 2010

THE YELLOW FISH/ Earth Pigments With Gouache: A Visionary Abstraction



                                The Yellow Fish
                                by Eric Whollem
                                earth paints and gouache on paper
                                Collection of the artist.
                                14" x 11"
                                     Copyright by the artist.

Rainpools Among the Granite Boulders

I painted this work in Feather Falls, California. I was living as a caretaker on an
old Maidu Indian rancheria. My Indian friend, Robert, was fond of carving in
soapstone. He gathered stones to carve "for his old age" around his house. Many
good carving stones could be found up towards Camp Eighteen and Fall River

One carving that I especially liked was one of a small fish. It had geometric
patterns and was very appealing. My own "portrait" of this fish is in the work

On the hillside out back were many huge granite boulders. The bedrock
was solid granite. After the rains small pools of collected rain water would
accumulate in hollows on the tops of the boulders.

This painting shows the house of the rains and the thunderpower.

Abstract art, mixed media painting, Feather Falls.
Geometric abstraction.

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