Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SWEAT VISION/ Native Americans Bathing in a Pool After a Good Sweat/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION


                      Sweat Vision
                      by Eric Whollem
                      gouache and wax resist on paper
                      Collection of Jim Nelson and Denise Furlong
                      11" x 8.5"
                           Copyright by the artist.

The Tradition of the Sweat Lodge

Native Americans univerally acclaim the virtues of the Sweat Lodge.
Sweating is considered an excellent health regimin. In my painting
three men are walking to a green pool in the desert to cleanse themselves
after a session in the sauna.

Among the Concow Maidu Indians of California, mugwort, a sacred
plant, was placed on heated rocks in the middle of the sweat lodge as
an herbal blessing and tonic. Sage and a variety of herbs are used
in different traditions.

Native American sweat lodges, abstract art, mixed media painting, visionary art.

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