Wednesday, February 3, 2010

O, CITY WOMAN/ Natural Earth Pigments and Watercolor: A Geometric Abstraction


                                                  O, City Woman
                                                  by Eric Whollem
                                                  earth paints, casein, and watercolor on paper
                                                  Collection of the artist.
                                                  5 5 /16" x  5 7/16"
                                                       Copyright by the artist.

Approaches to Mixed Media Art

"Mixed media" when applied to painting, refers to the artist's use of
a variety of paints, such as oil and watercolor, for example, in a single
work of art.

It could also encompass the artist's decision to include a variety of
sources of pigments: such as earth, sand, and collage materials.

Two of my favorite approaches to mixed media have been wax
resist with waterbased media like India inks or watercolors and
paintings that utilize earth pigments mixed with gouache or water-
color paints. Usually in the latter approach I reinforce the adhesion
of the earth paints by utilizing a strong glue binder such as polyvinyl
resin, acrylic emulsion, melted wax or casein.
Mixed media painting, abstract art.

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