Sunday, February 21, 2010

MERMAID GODDESS/ a figurative ceramic sculpture by eric whollem

Mermaid Goddess
by Eric Whollem
earth pigments in acrylic emulsion on white clay
Collection of the artist.
Photo copyright by the artist.

A Goddess of the Sea

This sculpture depicts a goddess with braids in
the Greek fashion. In her crown are two stylized
dolphins; and on her gown are two seahorses

Her eyes are rendered in an Eastern European
manner, almond shaped.

On her forehead is a great starfish.

There are so many names for this goddess. . .
the mermaid looks into many mirrors.

Insofar as this sculpture has a Greek feeling,
perhaps one might dub her Aphrodite
Pandemos, a manifestation of the white

I painted her with my own homemade earth
paints. Click on "earth paints" in LABELS in
the column on the left hand side of this blog
to read more about the processes involved in
making paints from raw natural materials.

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