Saturday, February 13, 2010

LIZARD WOMAN/ a figurative ceramic sculpture relating to Concow Maidu Indian legends/ Goddess of the Lizards

                                             LIZARD WOMAN
                                             by Eric Whollem
                                            oxidized granite in polyvinyl resin on white clay
                                            Private collection.
                                                     Photo copyright by the artist.            

Earth Paints From Mooretown Ridge

Granite takes on hues of red when it's iron content oxidizes.
Basically what you have is rust. The pigments for the paint
that colors this sculpture are ones I gathered from the Sierra
Nevada Mountains.

Lizard Woman is a cousin of Usbuki, the Great White
Lizard who lives in a cave behind Feather Falls.

Mooretown Ridge is part of Concow Maidu Indian


                                            Earth Paint Video


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