Thursday, February 4, 2010

THE GREAT MOTHER/ Figurative Abstraction: A Goddess Icon/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION


                                                       The Great Mother
                                                       by EricWhollem
                                                       India ink and wax resist on paper
                                                      Collection of the artist.
                                                      6" x 9"
                                                         Copyright by the artist.

The Great Mother Cradling a Goddess in Her Arms

This painting demonstrates how my ceramic sculpture had influenced my
drawing and painting. The Great Mother shows plastic versatility and
the exploration of mass. Shapes are pulled, stretched and expanded,
much as a sculptor would do with clay.

This work was a thumbnail for a larger painting which was exhibited
at the Crocker Sculpture Park Art Competition in 1986. I received
a Best Exhibit Award. This competion was sponsored by the Crocker
Art Museum in Sacramento, California, the oldest art museum in the
state. I had also exhibited in their annual Kingsley Show in 1986.

Mixed media painting, abstract painting, plastic versatility.

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