Thursday, February 18, 2010

FAY/ a figurative ceramic sculpture by eric whollem

                         by Eric Whollem
                         oxides on white clay
                         Collection of the artist.
                                          Photo copyright by the artist.


The fairy goddess prays for the restoration of the
pollinators of our planet. Insects such as butterflies
are diminishing in great numbers due to the neglect
of human society. Insecticides are killing them.

Insecticides can ultimately wipe out human food
resources altogether. The ancient Romans used
lead pipes to bring water to their cities--a great
technological accomplishment. But that led to
lead poisoning, which seriously sickened many
Romans. Their empire eventually collapsed.

It is not too late to give a little thought and action
towards sensible approaches to food production.
We all need to respect water, plants, insects,
animals. As we enter this age of technological
marvels, let us not be foolish like the ancient

Saving the butterflies, saving our pollinators.

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