Wednesday, February 3, 2010

EARTH SPRITE/ Ash Paint and Gouache on Paper: A Folk Art Icon/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION

                                                   Earth Sprite
                                                  by Eric Whollem
                                                  gouache and ash paint in acrylic emulsion on paper
                                                  Collection of the artist.
                                                  11" x 8 3/8"
                                                         Copyright by the artist.


Earth Sprite is an imaginative vision of a
gnome. I used wood ash from my stove to
make a thick paint, which I applied with a
stick for a palette knife. This heavy impasto
was used to outline the forms in this work.

To give homeopathic integration of this
naturally pigmented approach to art for the
aesthetic of our time, I contrasted the dull
gray ash with the oranges and blues of
contemporary gouache paint. Gouache is
a thick, opaque watecolor.

This is a good example of mixed media
abstract art that utilizes natural earth paints.

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