Friday, January 8, 2010

Mt. Shasta Stamps/ Lemurian Shamanism

"Bear Man of Old Lemuria"
Lemurian Postal Service
by Eric Whollem
edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
Copyright by the artist.


The centerpiece of this stamp design is a mixed media painting by
Eric Whollem.

In the culture of the Indians of California the bear is prominent. Among
some Indians the bear doctor is a shaman with healing powers.

I speculate that shamanism among the Lemurians was akin to that
found among Australian Aborigines, as well as Native Americans,
as students of shamanism find many similarities  in shamanic practices
in diverse cultures today.

The border features maize, or Indian corn, and stylized lemurs with
long coiled tails. Churchward's writings on the clay tablets of Mu
was a a source of inspiration for these designs. Of course maize has
never grown in California until modern times. Churchward's accounts
of the civilization of Mu, or Lemuria, describe a range of cultures
spanning Peru, Mexico, and elsewhere. Churchward is well known
as having done archaeology in Mexico.


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