Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mt. Shasta Matrix/ Portals into Other Dimensions

     At the Falls of Heaven
     mixed media digital art
     by Eric Whollem
     Copyright by the artist.


Many of the people at Mt. Shasta have thought in depth on the topic of
interdimensional portals.

They believe that when one pursues the wisdom of meditation, one
realizes that all interdimensional portals are within our own heart.

The fairies, angels, and spiritual guides arise when the grace of our heart
is saturated with compassion.

There are places in nature that inspire meditative states. Places of deep
calm. Of deep peace.

Humanity lives mostly in the third dimension of height, depth and width,
the material plane.  The fourth dimension is the plane of feelings. The
fifth dimension is of mind. The higher dimensions encompass different
degrees of spiritual illumination.

Indian shamans talk often of places of power. This power is the power
of spirit. The power of medicine. Here the deep peace of nature is in
sympathy with our heart within. Inner and outer state are at one.


Saving our pollinators. Saving the bees. Saving the butterflies. Clean water for the planet.

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