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Lemurian Stamps/ The Descent of Grace Over Mt. Shasta

"The Descent of Grace" 
Lemurian Postal Service
by Eric Whollem
Editon of 100. Plus ten artist's proofs.
52 x 88 mm.
Copyright by the artist.

Ancient Lemuria and Modern Art

Mt. Shasta is a traditional center for metaphysical speculations, among
which theories about the Lost Continent of Lemuria are paramount.
Local folklore has it that Shasta is a home of a remnant of a race of
people from the now sunken continent of the Pacific.

It is said that the Lemurians communicated by telepathy of inner vision, which
could have incorporated abstract images like the bright colored forms
as depicted on this stamp.

The violet, ink, white, blue and yellow configuration in this stamp's design is based
on the book, Thought Forms, published by the Theosophical Society.
In this book Leadbeater and Besant say that our thoughts manifest
as actual shapes, perceptible to sensitives and psychics.

Modern art owes much to Thought Forms, as Kandinsky, considered by
many as the foremost originator of abstract art, was influenced by
Theosophical thought. The colored squares in many of his paintings seem 
to be direct quotations from Besant and Leadbeater's book.

Kandinsky wrote a book entitled, On the Spiritual in Art, outlining his views.
An abstract painting, evaluated in these terms, is an icon full of definite
meanings. The language of form and color thus could be construed ideally as a
universal lexicon. And the simplest abstract painting could be read as a
message from the universal consciousness. In this view there is nothing random
at all in abstraction. In this view nothing is more commonsense than an abstract
work of art.

Much of California prehistoric rock art is abstract. Humanity has communicated
by abstract, symbolic languages for thousands of years.

The cave walls of Lascaux in France incorporate panels of abstract imagery,
which is frequently overshadowed by the famous paleolithic imagery of  bison, etc.
Lemurian art, by general reckoning  would be much more recent than the art
of the Neanderthals and Cromagnon Man, insofar as Lemuria is merely
50,000 years back, while anthropologists put the paleolithic in the reckoning
of millions.




                                                  The Love of Night
                                                  by Eric Whollem
                                                  mixed media digital art
Copyright by the artist

"When you go to a holy site like Mt. Shasta, and you go with the
intention of gathering pigments for paint, you must first ask
the spiritual site where you are for permission to take
anything from her.

"Stay in the state of Grace, waiting for your answer.
If a presence is not stopping you from your desired endeavor with the earth,
attempt to stay in a meditative state,
while concentrating on  your heart chakra.

"There is a sacred power
in the minerals, clay, and rocks
 we gather from
 the earth.
These natural materials are alive and respond to your emoting on
positive healing energy or Love.

"The artist, the pigments, and the artist's intentions
all work together in an alchemy
of grace.

"Hopefully the final earth art, a painting or sculpture, will be imbued
with a harmonic energy
palpable to anyone who views or touches it.

"Whenever you take something from the earth it is wise to leave a gift of thanks.
One of the most important gift of thanks that you can give are seeds
that will attract bees and other pollinators. Please make sure
the seeds are indigenous to the area. Please help save our pollinators."

Artist stamps, artistamps, cinderellas, fantasy stamps, faux postage, mail art, micronation stamps by Eric Whollem.

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