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The Starfish and the Mysteries of Makara/ 'MAKARA IN KUNDALINI YOGA'/ 'Makara the Buddhist Sea King'/ A cinderella stamp from the Shambhala Nor depicting Nagarjuna and Tara

    Queen of the Starfish
    mixed media digital art
    by Eric Whollem
     Copyright by the artist.

Makara in Kundalini Yoga

The starfish is frequently associated with mermaids.

The starfish, of course, is well known as having five pointed legs. In my studies into aquatic
esotericism, I have noted that in India the Sea King is named Makara. Makara means the
"fifth finger" in Sanskrit.

Makara is depicted in Kundalini yoga as a composite animal that dwells in the second chakra.
This animal has a fish tail, but mammal forelegs. Insofar as the womb relates to the second
chakra, Makara may be a womb symbol. Womb in Greek is "delphys," the dolphin. Thus
one might speculate that Makara is a dolphin.

The prototype for Makara seems to be Ea, the ancient Sumerian sea god, who was shown
as having a fish tail, but a goat's forelegs. Dolphins were called the "goats of the sea" by the


In Kundalini Yoga, Makara, in the rise of Kundalini. becomes a point of light at the third eye.
This point is called Bindu. Bindu as a point of light is a star of sorts. It began on it's journey
as a fish tailed being. A star that began as a fish is a starfish. This may seem rather
unorthodox. And perhaps these speculations indeed are. This may be my own personal

Makara finally merges with the ocean of cosmic consciousness as the sound of AUM. You
can read about these matters in Arthur Avalon's book on yoga, "The Serpent Power." Also
Swami Sivananda Radha's book, "Kundalini Yoga for the West," has a good depiction of

Makara the Buddhist Sea King 

In Buddhist lore, specifically the Lankavatara Sutra, Buddha is said to have preached to
Makara, the Sea King, for seven days, leaving in his keeping the essence of the Goddess

Four hundred years later, the Goddess Tara rose from the sea and gave this wisdom to
the sage Nagarjuna, who became the founder of Mahayana Buddhism.  Tara means

star. Is she not a Starfish? The Star that rises from the sea with Goddess Wisdom.

The Buddha's disciples were called Mahanagas, or Great Sea Serpents.

These notes indicate that the aquatic symbolism of the lore of mermaids may be important
in deciphering metaphysical mysteries. These points were examined at length in my book,
"The Mystery of the Mermaids: Goddesses and Gods of the Sea."

Nagarjuna Receiving the Goddess Wisdom From Tara

                                                       1r Shambhala Nor
                                                       edition of 100
                                                       cinderella stamp by Eric Whollem
                                                          Copyright by the artist


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