Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moera, Mother, Fate & Goddess of the Sea


                                                    earth paints on terracotta
                                                    by Eric Whollem
                                                    Private Collection
                                                    photo copyright by the artist

Minoan and Cycladic Elements
in the Work of  Eric Whollem

It is well known that Picasso established the first major artistic interest in the
sculpture of the Cyclades, the Greek islands of the Mediterranean. His cubist
work of the harp player is familiar to many. It was based on a Cycladic sculpture.

Cyclades is pronounced "kick-la-dees" with the accent on the first syllable. 
Crete, of course, is the famous isle that was home of the Minoan culture.

The roots of modern sculpture lie in Cycladic simplicity.

I have taken the flounced skirts and bare midriffs of archaic Minoa and
created works that bear affinity to the ancients.

My work, "Minoan Goddess," notably has round, fish-like eyes, a stylistic
element that rose from my subconscious.  Later in my studies I ascertained
the close resemblance to the round eyes of the oceanic divinities of
Mesopotamia, as well as to the fish gods of Lepenski Vir, the most ancient
city site on the European mainland.


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