Thursday, December 17, 2009

Digital Fauvism: Goddess Art

                Painterly Use of Digital Technology

The work to the left demonstrates how the computer of today
can evoke the easel art of yesterday.

This image recalls the works of Fauvist painters like Vlaminck
and Derain. These Fauvists were called "wild beasts" by the
public of their day, because they were not afraid of color.
What they indeed feared was monochrome, and the dark
pigmentation of normative European art.

Matisse began as a Fauve, but developed his own style. Another
famous Fauve was Raoul Dufy. Van Gogh was probably the
single major influence on the Fauvists.

                                  Oceanic Goddess
                                  mixed media digital art
                                  by Eric Whollem
                                                               Copyright by the artist.


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