Sunday, October 19, 2014

ATLANTIS MAP BY ERIC WHOLLEM/ Faux Postage Stamps from Atlantis/ Books that influenced the production of this map

Eric Whollem
cyber editon
copyright by the artist


This map was originally drawn in 2004. Thus this stamp celebrates the 10th anniversary of the map.
The map was mentioned in a book, published recently, which is in print and available from The book was edited by Carole Cusack and Alex Norman. They talk about how there are Theosophical elements in my map's presentation, which is quite true, as I had studied the works of Helene Blavatsky on lost continents. Also influential in my approach to the Atlantis question were a number of classical metaphysical books relating to the mileau of Mt. Shasta. A Dweller on Two Planets by Frederick Spencer Oliver. Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King.

Also influential was Charles Leadbeater's book, The Masters and the Path, a Theosophical text which discussed the question of Shambhala as well as subterranean archives preserved by the spiritual masters involved in human evolution. From this text in particular I deveoloped the idea of the Cave of the Masters, which appears on my Atlantis map. However the local folklore of Mt. Shasta has given birth to the widely diffused concept of subterranean dwellings of the Masters, which concept has appeared in many books, lectures, etc. and which today is widely accepted in the Mt. Shasta metaphysical community.

I lived at Mt. Shasta back in the 1950's as a child.

Below is an image of Cusack and Norman's book, which mentions me and my metaphysical maps on page 119.

Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Production
Front Cover
Carole CusackAlex Norman
A Brill Handbook on Contemporary Religion


with /Atlantean harpy stamp
created by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist