Friday, August 20, 2010

AETHERNET ARTIST STAMPS/ A cinderella souvenir sheet from the United Aethernet Nations/ DIGITAL SERIAL ART/ Fairy faux postage stamps by Eric Whollem/ 'The Vale of the Vine'/ More New World CYBERSTAMPS from the Amphoran Postal Union

The Vale of the Vine
United Aethernet Nations
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The United Aethernet Nations

The U.A.N. was first established in 2010. It is a micronational league
of nations whose stamps have been created by Eric Whollem. The organization's
headquarters is in the city of New Urak, which exists on the Continent of
Amphora. The various countries who belong to the U.A.N utilize the Amphoran
Postal Union as an agency to regulate mail service between member nations.

The stamps above are the first issue of the U.A.N. Post Office. They are
dedicated to the peace and harmony of the New World.


A micronation is a fantasy country. See Wikipedia for more information:

To view my complete collection of  artistamps from member countries of the U.A.N see:

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