Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SHAMBHALA NOR/ The Land of Nagas and Naginis/ A MAP TO SHAMBHALA/ Kalki and Tara/ A sheet of eight 'provisional postage stamps'/ FAUX POSTAGE FROM SHAMBHALA

A Map to Shambhala Commemorative Edition
Shambhala Nor Postal Services
by Eric Whollem
digital art
Copyright by the artist

Celebrating 'The Map to Shambhala' by Eric Whollem

This is a sheet of eight faux provisional postage stamps from
the Central Asian Realm of Shambhala Nor. This is a micronation
created by the artist.

Depicted on the designs are those portions of my Map to Shambhala
Nor that show Kalki, the King of Shambhala and Green Tara, rising
from the waters of the mystic lake of Shambhala Nor. This is in part
my own take on traditional legend, and as such should not be
construed as encyclopedic material.

It is the artist's hope that these stamps may generate interest in the
Shambhala legends and the spiritual milieu of Tibet and Central

Stamps from Shambhala Nor

See my new Map to Shambhala on this link:

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