Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A MAP TO SHAMBHALA/ A block of two stamps from a sheet of eight faux postage stamps from the micronation of Shambhala Nor/ FANTASY PROVISIONAL POSTAGE STAMPS/ The Land of Nagas and Naginis/ Kalki, the Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu: the King of Kalapa/ Tara Rising From the Waters of Shambhala Nor

A Map to Shambhala Commemorative Edition
Shambhala Nor Postal Services
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

New Cyberstamps From Shambhala Nor

Kalki is the legendary King of Shambhala, a mystic land whose capital
city is Kalapa. Kalapa is named after Kalapini, the Black Ocean--which symbolizes
the black sea of night. Kalapa is on a central island, surrounded by eight island
realms in the archaic Bon Mandalas that relate more to the shamanic traditions
of the Altai of Central Asia.

Green Tara, the Buddhist Goddess rose from the waters with the
Prajnaparamita teachings, having given  to Nagarjuna those teachings
entrusted to the care of Makara, the King of Sea Serpents by the Buddha.


Buddha is said in the Lankavatara Sutra to have spent seven
days at the bottom of the sea, preaching to the Nagakanyas, or aquatic
demigods. In western metaphysical parlance, this could be interpreted
as Buddha preaching in the 'Astral World.'  The disciples of Buddha are
described in Buddhist scriptures as Mahanagas, or Great Sea Serpents.

Other metaphysical systems have utilized the serpent imagery in a similar
way: the cult of Serapis, a gnostic order that originated in Egypt.

Tara is depicted on this faux postage stamp from Shambhala Nor rising
from the mystic lake, as such she could be seen as relating to the mermaid
concept. Tara means 'star,' and as such is kindred to Atargatis, the dolphin
goddess of the Neareast.

See my faux postage stamp featuring an image of Nagarjuna and Tara rising from the
waters on this link:

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