Saturday, July 10, 2010

CANTHARIDIAN CYBERSTAMPS/ 'Digital Serial Art'/ A Penny Post Edition for 2010/ A block of four cinderella artist stamps from the micronation of Cantharidia

Penny Post
Cantharidian Postal Service
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Cinderella Stamps Featuring the Digital Serial Art of Eric Whollem

This block of four stamps is enlarged for easier viewing.
It is a portion of a sheet of twelve faux postage stamps
from my fantasy country of Cantharidia.

For esotericists I present this link which gives definitive information on the Cantharidae beetles:
I have worked for years on my literary Magnum Opus, a novel entitled 'Rainbeetle.'

My muse, Madge, appears in this work as a main character,
typified as a red headed country bumpkin who was in fact 
secretly a Goddess.  Rainbeetle and Enobesor, his insect bride,
are the leading characters.

The work details the story of Rainbeetle's quest for 'Wisket.' For
the mystery of the 'Wisket' Rainbeetle wanders The Desert of
Imagination, traverses the Tunnel of the Glowworm Uncles,
only to find himself travelling through curious dimensions such
as the Skodnoob and The Land of Green Night.

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