Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CANTHARIDIAN CINDERELLA STAMPS/ 'Flora'/ AN ALLEGORY OF NATURE'S CHARM/ A block of four stamps featuring Fairy Art by Eric Whollem/ DIGITAL SERIAL ART

Cantharidian Postal Service
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Fairy Stamps From Cantharidia

These Penny Post stamps feature an image of Flora, the
artist's personification of the Spirit of Nature. Nature spirits,
or fairies, are given varying names in different cultures.

The Irish call them Leprecauns. One designation of the Welsh
is the Tylweth Teg. In France they are called the Fays, etc.

These stamps are dedicated to the principle of  'Saving Our
Pollinators,' as nature's charm naturally incorporates the
survival of the means of nature's regeneration. In our supposed
modern times, humanity has neglected it's duty to the planet, and
the results have been grievous.

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