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MERMAID GODDESS/ a figurative ceramic sculpture/ NOTES ON MERMAID MYTHOLOGY/ The Astral Waters/ The Mermaids of Silver and the Mermaids of Gold

                                                     Mermaid Goddess
                                                     by Eric Whollem
                                                     oxides on white clay
                                                     Collection of the artist
                                                     11 1/4"
                                                                                              Photo copyright by the artist

A Kore of the Sea

This sculpture incorporates bas relief images of
seahorses and dolphins. Many ancient Goddesses
were mermaids: Atargatis, Amphitrite, Derceto,
etc. Many Goddesses have been associated with the
dolphins. Demeter, the Great Mother, was such a
dolphin Goddess. Amphitrite, a wife of Poseidon,
whose name translates as Triton of the Waters, was
a dolphin mermaid.

Though it is little recognized, Persephone may have
been a mermaid. Persephone, from the Eleusinian
mysteries, was depicted fish-tailed  in a sculpture
left by Greek Colonists on the coast of Southern Italy.
Barbara Vivino related this story to me, having seen

Thus we can interpret the "Descent of Persphone"
into the Abysos, as the descent of Persephone in her
mermaid form. Thus is explained the watery element
of the River Styx, the subterranean river: it was the
vehicle of the soul of Persephone, the Initiate.

Persephone swam what could be called the Astral

This stamp design shows Persephone, Demeter, the Styx and
the Chorus of the Naiads

Undinian Faux Postage Stamp
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

In general mythological exegesis the Descent of
Persephone is conceived as a descent into Hades.
This may not be completely accurate, nor tell the
whole story as it may have been intended. For the
essence of the dolphin-worshipping rites of Delphi,
may have been the initiatory recognition of the true
nature of that "aquatic dimension" ruled by Oceanos,
progenitor of the divinities, which may have been to
tell each initiate that his visionary experience as a
mermaid or merman is in truth the true way of
accessing the godworlds.

Uranos, who came before Oceanos, was father of
the Etheric Ocean. Uranos was father of Aphrodite.
These are the old patriarchal records.

The view that is presented here, which takes Persephone
into an aquatic initiation, takes a more feminine view.
As the waters are female.

Apollo is the Sun Fish. The dolphin is the Lunar Body.*

*These are just rough notes, a metaphysical diary. Comments are welcome.


A video by Eric Whollem, 2011

Ancient Sculptures of the Mermaid Goddess

In Cyprus, thousands of years ago, sculptors 
created clay Goddesses with aquatic appendages.
Aphrodite was born on Cyprus.  She may have been
intended as subject matter by the sculptors described

Thus in Cyprus do we have authentic and definitive
evidence of the veneration by ancient peoples of the
Goddess as a mermaid.*

The three aspects of Aphrodite were the Fates, which
later became the Fays of Europe. 

*Illustrations of these figurines appeared in my book,
The Mystery of the Mermaids

by Eric Whollem
oxides on white clay
Photo copyright by the artist

Below is a video of mine that presents a variety of interpretations of the Mermaid  Goddess concept:

The Astral Waters

Water is frequently identified as the symbol of the
"Astral Plane," which is to say, the plane of emotion
and feeling. The mermaid vibrates on the etheric
oceans of the Akashas. 

The Akashas are divided into seven oceans. According
to Hindu belief these oceans reach up to the sun. But
the realm of the sun has a mystic river and a  lake attended
by hundreds of Apsaras, or aquatic demigoddesses. The
Goddesses on the sun are said to wear fish earrings. The chief
God on the sun is Narayana, or "He whose place of
movement is the water."

The Akashas are levels of vibration. The lowest of which is ruled
by salt. This is the plane of earth or Jambudvipa, a continent
that floats in the sea of the first Akasha.*

*These latter notes on Hindu metaphysics represents the school of
Vasishtadvaiti Philosophy, or "Qualified Nondualism."

This video presents images of the Gold and
Silver Dolphins.

Mermaids of Silver and Gold

The mermaid exists on many levels. The silver mermaid
is ruled by the moon and swims in the currents of  feeling.

The sculpture depicted here is The Silver Mermaid.

by  Eric Whollem
oxides on white clay
Private collection
Photo copyright by the artist

The golden mermaid is the mermaid of enlightenment, one
that has arrived at the lotus pools of heaven. She is the solar
mermaid, the mermaid of the sun.

Apollo, called by the Greeks, "The Sun Fish," was one of
the initiators in the rites of Delphi.


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