Sunday, May 16, 2010

THE IMAGINATION OF NUMINOUS BEINGS/ A figurative abstraction/ gouache and encaustic on paper/ FIGURATIVE PICTOGRAPHIC ABSTRACTION/ a work based on studies of the art of the San Blas Indians of Central America


              The Imagination of Numinous Beings
               by Eric Whollem
               gouache and encaustic on paper
               Collection of the artist
               17" x 11 3/4"
                             Copyright by the artist

Heated Parafin Resist

Wax painting has a long history. The ancient
Egyptians painted their mummy cases with wax
paints. The Greeks practiced portrait painting in
wax colors. The murals at Pompei in Italy were
executed in wax colors.

Often wax paints have been applied with small
spatulas. At Pompei the tools of the wax painters
have been found encased in the volcanic debris that
covered that ancient city.

"The Imagination of Numinous Beings" was painted
in part in heated wax, used as a resist with gouache.

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