Sunday, April 18, 2010

DREAM FARM ROADS/ a visionary interpretation of Chi Chi Te, Black Earth Village, of the old Mooretown Rancheria in Feather Falls/ CONCOW MAIDU CULTURAL ELEMENTS IN THE WORKS OF ERIC WHOLLEM

               Dream Farm Roads
               by Eric Whollem
               gouache and wax resist on paper
               Collection of the artist
                            Copyright by the artist

The Big Heads of Chi Chi Te

This mixed media painting is filled with pictographic
symbols that relate to the culture of the Concow Maidu
Indians of Butte County, California.

The large yellow figure in the center is a Big Head, or
masked dancer of the Kuksu Dream Society. The vertical
striations represent the feathers of his cloak.

The Big Head holds a basket, one of several in the painting.

To the upper right hand corner is the paw print of Pano,
the black bear.

In the background is the Dream Lodge of the Secret Society.
This is all part of the Kuksu Religion.

The "farm" mentioned in the title of this painting is the old
Mooretown Rancheria, which in modern times has become
a family owned farm. The old Indian name for this place was
Chi Chi Te, Black Earth Village. There used to be a large
Kuksu Lodge at Chi Chi Te in the old days.

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