Friday, March 5, 2010

PANCHA RAKSHA/ a cinderella stamp from Shambhala Nor featuring a yidam, or protector, from Vajrayana Buddhism; a nagini, or aquatic demigoddess

Shambhala Nor Postal Service

"Pancha Raksha"
by Eric Whollem
Edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
60 x 89 mm.
Copyright by the artist.

The Yidams

In the Tayul Monastery by the town of Keyong in
Tibet is a mural that depicts Pancha Raksha. She is a
Nagini, or waterserpent demigoddess. The Nagas
also appear in the lore of India. The stone sculptures
at Mahamallapuram are some of the most famous
depictions of the Nagas and Naginis. The Gopis
who sport with Krishna are also seen depicted with
waterserpent tails.

These are all types of mermaids that appear in the
art of India and Tibet.

The Yidams are especially important in Northern
Buddhism. They are tutelary divinities that could be
construed to correspond to the term Ishta-Deva
in Sanskrit. They are protectors of the faith, hence
their often ferocious appearance.

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