Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DEVI/ a devotional ceramic Goddess sculpture

by Eric Whollem
ceramic sculpture
oxides on white clay
Collection of the artist.
6 7/8"
 Photo copyright by the artist.

The Prayers of Devi

Devi means "Goddess" in Sanskrit. Both Buddhists
and Hindus use this term. Deva means "God." This
latter term was popularized a few years back at
Findhorn in Scotland, when it was applied to fairies.
Thus today one often hears references to Devas of
this or that plant.

Some conjecture that Buddhism is supposedly an
"atheistic" religion; but this is not exactly true, as
Mahayana Buddhism, especially, profers much
respect to the Goddess, typified as Prajnaparamita.

The Zen Buddhists are well known for their devotion
to Kwannon, or Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.

Tara is a very popular Goddess among the Tibetans.

Buddha once said that it is not edifying to discuss
theoretically the existance or nonexistance of God.
Unfortunately this subtle point has been interpreted
incorrectly by many, as I see it. The idea that he was
trying to advance is that work on one's own self to
eliminate psychological defects is preferable to wasting
time in fruitless debates on philosophical issues.

Ceramic sculpture.

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