Saturday, March 6, 2010

BLUE TARA/ a faux postage stamp from Shambhala Nor: a meditational divinity from the Vajrayana tradtion, rendered in a Buddhist American Folk Art style

Shambhala Nor Postal Service

"Blue Tara"
by Eric Whollem
Edition of 100, plus ten artist proofs
58 x 88 mm.
Copyright by the artist.

Ekajati, the Destroyer of Anger
The Role of Blue Tara

Blue Tara is varyingly depicted. Sometimes she appears in
a fierce image. This is because she is a protector. She
removes all anger from those devoted to her.

This stamp from the fantasy land of Shambhala Nor
shows her holding a vessel with a flame. This is not
a traditional pose for this Goddess.

Metaphysical art; meditation; artist stamps, artistamps, cinderella stamps, fantasy stamps, faux postage, mail art, micronation stamps; Goddess art.

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