Friday, February 12, 2010

GRAY SNAKE GODDESS/ Mysteries of the Sacred Serpent: A Figurative Ceramic Goddess Sculpture/ Bas Relief


                                               Gray Snake Goddess
                                               by Eric Whollem
                                               dark  pumice from Mt. Shasta on white clay
                                               Private Collection
                                               6" x 6"
                                                       Photo copyright by the artist.

The Mysteries of the Sacred Serpent

The serpent is a traditional symbol of initiation and enlightenment.
It is a symbol of healers. The watersnakes of old were set out by
priestesses to find sacred springs that were considered fonts of
oracular wisdom. The Naiads, or freshwater mermaids, were
always associated with the springs holy to the Goddess. The
Naiads were singers in the sacred choruses of the Mysteries.

This image of the Goddess represents the third aspect of
Aphrodite, the Crone. Her name is Urania.


See more about the GODDESS:

Ceramic Sculpture Video by Eric Whollem.                    


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