Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GODDESS' GARDEN/ Mixed Media Figurative Abstraction With Earth Paints


                 Goddess' Garden
                 by Eric Whollem
                 gouache and earth paint in acrylic emulsion on paper
                 Collection of the artist.
                14 3/4" x 9 3/16"
                     Copyright by the artist.

The Golden Child at the Gate of Initiation

Demeter is the Goddess of the Mysteries. In this painting the
Goddess has birthed an initiate, a golden child, whose destiny it is
to follow the path of Mystery.

Gold is the color of superconsciousness and illumination. The child in
the image entitled, Goddess' Garden, has two tail fins like a small
mermaid or merman. The child is a golden mermaid.

On one side of the mystic gate to the temple is the fourfold flower
of Muladhara, the base chakra. To the other side is the sevenfold
flower of the Sushumna. The Sushumna is comprised of the chakra
system of the spine. The crown chakra is Sahasrara, the seventh

The small red bud is the newly born initiate.

The triple blossom shows the non-dual path, the triangulation of

The pink birds and animals are the Beings of Love (Bhakti).

Through the garden runs the river of the Abyssos, the subterranean
waters of the mysteries.


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