Monday, February 1, 2010

DANCING COLOR/ Contemporary Figurative Abstraction


                           Dancing Color
                           by Eric Whollem
                           mixed media on paper
                           Collection of the artist
                           11" x 8.5"
                                  Copyright by the artist


The human form has been a major theme of art since the
beginning of time. In Dancing Color I have attempted to
give a bit of movement to my figures, incorporating a
reference to dance, another of mankind's archetypical

Essentially one cannot make a value judgment on whether
a figure with movement vs. a static image is the better ideal
in a painting. The Futurist Movement was one that idealized
movement. However many a great masterpiece of painting
has been a work of sedate and contemplative charm.

Each work must be judged on it's own merits: composition
and color, etc.

A serene and contemplative image might provide inspiration
of a meditative sort. A figure full of movement might evoke
moods of joy. Each mode has it's merit.

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