Monday, January 18, 2010

A Cinderella Stamp From Delphys, A Land of Mermaids

Royal Post Office of Delphys
by Eric Whollem
edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
67 x 87 mm.
Copyright by the artist.


Melusine is a serpent-tailed mermaid from medieval French folklore.
She was daughter of the King of Albania, but married a French lord,
who took her to wife on condition that he would never view her in
her bath on Saturdays.

He violated this condition in an indiscrete moment in which he viewed
her turning into her mermaid form. Subsequently Melusine manifested
as a disembodied spirit, wailing from the castle of Lusignan.

Melusine was a Fay, and as such was very sacred to the French. Such
Fays were known to bless the wells and gardens. The word Fay is
related to the terms, fairy and fate. Melusine was a popular figure
in international alchemical lore.

Other serpent-tailed mermaids in world folklore include the Gopis of
India, the aquatic lovers of Lord Krishna.

The drawing of Melusine seen on this stamp originally appeared in my
book, The Mystery of the Mermaids, but here was utilized by the
Delphys Postal Administration.


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