Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ascension/ Mt. Shasta/ An Allegory of Spirituality in the New Age

                                                    by Eric Whollem
                                                    mixed media digital art
                                                                                           Copyright by the artist.

A Few Notes on Ascension

Ascension is a term frequently found in modern metaphysics.
It refers to the process of enlightenment, realization or illumination.

Christians might link the concept to that of the Resurrection.
Alchemists would regard it in terms of the search for the Prima Materia,
the spiritual goal of alchemical meditation. Hindus would call it Moksha.

Many spiritual teachers at places like Mt. Shasta put special emphasis on ascension.
Others see the 2012 planetary conjuction as an opportunity for ascension, rather
than a time of disaster.

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