Thursday, December 17, 2009

Freshwater Mermaids: A Spirit of the Waterfall/ 'The Ousel' by Eric Whollem/ Mixed media digital art/ MERMAID ART/ The Mythology of the Naiad

    The Ousel
    mixed media digital art
    by Eric Whollem
       Copyright by the artist.

Mermaids of the Inland Waterways

In world folklore, mermaids and mermen are usually of the salt sea
or of lakes, rivers, and springs. Hot springs, especially have been
regarded as being in the care of overseeing spirits, these, of course
being merfolk.

In this image a mermaid profers her hand to an ousel, a creek bird.
John Muir once said that this bird was his favorite of all avian life.

The mermaid above is a Naiad, or freshwater mermaid or undine.


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  1. I have long been a fan of your art and have a few of your works scattered about my home and garden. Good to see you now have a blog. The Ouzel captures the mysterious playfulness of the freshwater mermaid and her avian companion.

  2. I am crazy about this mermaid picture. Do you
    have more like it/€


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