Saturday, December 19, 2009

Faux Postage From Amphitritonia

Art Stamps by Eric Whollem

                                                         The Egyptian Mermaid
                                                         edition of 100
                                                         by Eric Whollem
                                                             Copyright by the artist

                                            In the northwest of the continent of Amphora lies
                                            the land of Amphitritonia, bound by Mt. Krater and
                                            the River Naiad. The capital city is Ichthys; and the
                                            monetary unit is the copper Cythera. Aphrodite rules
                                            the realm in her triple function as Dove, Swallow, and
                                            Swan, while Poseidon pontificates over matters
                                            aquatic from his retreat in Ceto, the metropolis of the
                                            dolphins. While Italian artists like Botticelli loved to
                                            portray Aphrodite rising from a huge clam shell and
                                            while the Mesopotamians had her emerging from
                                            dove's eggs, the Amphitritonian traditionalists
                                            maintain that the cowrie is the proper birth shell of

More stamps from Amphitritonia are in print.
Eric has created numerous other stamp issuing micronations such as Lemuria, Delphys, Amphora, Birdland,
Sasquatchia, Republic of the Moon, Fairyland, Undinia, Venus Colony in Inner Earth,
 Atlantis, Gondwanaland, Hoofawoofia,  Cyborea, and Erichthonios.

These go by the name of artist stamps, artistamps, cinderellas, fantasy stamps, faux postage, mail art, and micronation stamps.

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