Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early Works: Skogsra and the Four Elements

                                        acrylic on panel 3'x4'
                                        by Eric Whollem
                                        collection of the artist
                                           Copyright by the artist.

Visions of the Muse

From Skogsra's cosmic vantage the world is a dark
globe that swims in the primeval conflagration.

Water flows from her heart. The earth is at her feet.
She glows as red as fire, set in firey clouds.

Skogsra is depicted with golden seaweed stemming
from her hair. Behind her is the World Egg.

My mother named me Eric, thinking of Lief Erikson,
and Erik the Red, insofar as a portion of my ethnicity is

This painting has overtones of the mysteries of the sea,
the isles of Valhalla, and the realm of the Sea Ram.  I
chose this work for the cover of my book, The
Mystery of the Mermaids.

My painting entitled "Skogsra" depicts a Scandinavian
elemental spirit, whose namesake is reflected in the
designations of Skadi, Scotland, and Scandinavia
itself. Numerous mythographers see Kali in Skadi.
Skogsra relates to the Celtic Scatha and the Germanic

I envison Skogsra dwelling in Muspelheim, a firey land
of giants. Surt, the giant who destroyed the world at the
twilight of the Gods (Ragnarok) dwells there.

She is one of the many redhaired maidens I have
painted over the years--in the search for my muse. 

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  1. I own a copy of your book, The Mystery of the
    Mermaids. It was this picture of Skogsra on the cover that inspired me to buy your book. I appreciate the background information on this mysterious, gorgeous Goddess. I wish I owned the painting.


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